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Virtue Reality, developed by Bad Viking in association with Ultimatum Games, is a 2D idle mobile game commissioned by Muslim Charity, Islamic Relief, to highlight their life-saving work around the world and help counter negative stereotypes and under representation of Muslims in gaming.

Imagine being an aid worker in Syria delivering life-saving care. Picture being on the ground in Pakistan providing shelter to families who’ve lost everything after floods have devastated their community. Or witness life in Mali where drought means that a microdam can deliver life-saving water to families in need…

Well now you can experience exactly what that’s like through our brand-new interactive video game, Virtue Reality. The first ever video game to be created by a Muslim charity, Virtue Reality is based on real projects around the world, real people and real issues.

Through this one-of-a-kind video game, you’ll see how we work on the ground to support men, women and children in crisis. Fleeing conflict, natural disasters and struggling in poverty, Islamic Relief is serving communities across the globe. Now you too can be part of the action!

See how you can provide shelter, food, medical aid and water to families and communities across the globe from Albania to Somalia, Gaza to Pakistan, Bangladesh to Myanmar. You’ll discover the reality behind saving and transforming lives and the impact you can make in some of the most vulnerable communities worldwide. So, download today to join us and experience saving lives for yourself!


BBC Sheffield

Sky Kids – Featured on the sky kids news show FYI (at around 6:30)